Welcome to the rise of the flexible workforce

10 years ago it was quite unheard of to be able to work from home whilst working for a business because of poor connectivity and simply not having the right technology. Development of technologies such as the Cloud it has made the possibilities endless for business.

3 years ago I started giving talks across the south west. The aim was to inspire businesses to use technology. People would laugh and tell me it’s just a fad… It will never last. One gentleman politely responded to my talk saying ‘the problem with the cloud is that one day it will rain’. Well he could be right but we could never have imagined the opportunities it has presented us with.

I would also talk to people about the importance of mobile phones to businesses when trying to connect with consumers. I told them that soon our mobile phones will become our wallets. This always made me laugh as people would look at me whilst shaking their heads as if I had lost all sense. But within 3 years we are paying using systems such as apple pay.

Why Now?

Alongside these developments we have a new breed of business which some may call ‘disruptive’.

Think about the disruptive businesses out there. Uber are the biggest taxi company in the world yet they own no taxis, Airbnb are the biggest holiday company yet they own no hotels,

Think about Red Bull’s marketing. If you look at their website you will not see mention of the drink which is their product. Instead you will see content and lots of information about extreme sports. They are the king of content marketing which is where we all should aspire to be.

All of these developments in business have allowed us to work differently and open our eyes to new possibilities. We see some of our most successful businesses succeeding by simply keeping overheads to a minimum (essential to many of us), you no longer have to have a large office full of staff to be successful.

Flexible resourcing within your business is now a real option

How can we help?

We want to work with people and businesses from day one. In every aspect of their business.

We will work with you from day one helping you to develop a strategy, advise on Human Resources issues such as poor performance or constructive dismissals or even on setting up your HR systems and training your team to use them, marketing your business, arranging events, Carrying out clerical tasks and so much more. Get in touch with us today

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